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Second DVD Description

In the first video of this highly touted European Nymphing series, European Nymphing - Techniques and Fly Tying, Aaron Jasper explained the mechanics and thought processes behind the various European Nymphing style of fly fishing. He illustrated the mechanics and basics of the different Nymphing rigs.

In the second video, European Nymphing - A Strategic Approach, the second in Aaron''s European Nymphing series, Aaron shows you how to apply all the fly fishing techniques learned in the first video. Through ten unique scenarios and conditions, Aaron shows you how to approach the water, target the fish, and bring the fish to net. All the scenarios were filmed on water accessible to any member of the public, and none of the scenarios were "set ups." We waited for the scenarios we wanted to address to arise on the river and then took you the viewer to them. After viewing this video you will understand how to use the various methods of czech nymphing, polish nymphing, french nymphing, and spanish nymphing to target fish in almost any set of conditions.

With almost 4 hours of leader formulas, graphics, classroom and on stream instruction, this video is sure to exponentially increase your catch rates.


First DVD Description

Two hours shot and edited in 1080p High Definition, this is European Nymphing Techniques and Fly Tying with Aaron Jasper. This instructional video is the culmination of over three years of research, practical testing, and instruction both on the stream and in the class room. Full of tips and techniques that you can’t find anywhere else. With the very highest in production value, this film explains the most important facets of this deadly technique with only clarity you can achieve through well produced and well presented subject matter. Follow along as Aaron helps you take the step between novice and proficient. Includes extensive instruction and secret tips for both “long line” and “short line” techniques. Your fish catching results on the stream will be the proof of value in this information packed film.

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