Aaron Jasper is a third grade teacher, owner of Fly Fishing Evolution guide service, published author, and the co-founder of www.troutpredator.com . He fishes over 200 days per year and his true passion in life is sharing all the information he gathers with the fly fishermen of the world. He has spent the last three years gathering every tiny bit of information on European Nymphing techniques he could get his hands on. As many of these techniques developed in Europe through competitive fly fishing events Aaron has become involved in competitive fly fishing. Aaron also competed in various competitive fly fishing events and the 2009 United States Fly Fishing National Championships. This film is the culmination of a three year study on the subject and hundreds of hours of on stream instruction and group presentations. Aaron has also published multiple articles on the subject in nationally distributed fly fishing and fly tying magazines. For more information about Aaron and to follow along on his adventures check out www.flyfishingevolution.com.