“Got a chance to sit down last night and watch the DVD.  What an excellent production!  The video quality is outstanding.  I like how the different methods are broken down into components and taught separately and then all brought together in the final chapter when Aaron demonstrates on the stream.  The chapter breakdown on the DVD makes it very easy to navigate to a certain section that you want to watch again or have questions on.  From a day on the stream with Aaron as my guide I had a leader that I was able to break down and come up with recipe for and its nice to compare to what he shows on the video to see how close I was (I was almost right on).  I liked seeing the Davy Wotton knot shown as it will be very useful for its intended purpose (tying the sighter into my leader rig has always been an issue for me).  I also enjoyed the fly tying and seeing how Aaron ties up some very successful patterns.”



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