“Some years ago during a World International Fly Fishing event, the Polish team won the event by fishing a technique that was known to few others.  In subsequent years both the French and the Czech teams have further won these major world class events with what most now understand as European fly fishing techniques: basically close range fishing with a team of flies representing invertebrate aquatic forms of life found close to the stream bed.  For many these techniques have been a mystery and hardly understood.  The written word will only go so far as to create interest and some basic knowledge.  The practical aspects of these techniques require an on-stream scenario and visual explanation for a fundamental understanding from which the fly fisher can further his skills.  This DVD has done just that.  This video explains everything from the basic level of understanding how the systems work, to the importance of the rig, understanding the concepts of stream drift versus fly control, and advanced techniques: its all here.  Aaron has done a fine job, and in my opinion has produced the Bible for those of you who wish to master the techniques of Polish, Czech, French and Spanish style nymphing.  You can almost guarantee that this video will enable you to increase your catch returns.”

Davy Wotton
American International Schools of Fly Fishing
Flippin, Arkansas

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