“I wanted to end the year as I had started it, and begin the New Year the same: fishing for trout on one of Pennsylvania’s streams. So I set out for Penn’s Creek on December 31, and because of that, I also had the great good fortune to run into Aaron and Taylor.

I asked how their day’s fishing went, talked of this and that, and told them how I looked forward to purchasing the European Nymphing DVD. Taylor mentioned that they had just picked up the first shipment before coming to Penn’s and had them in the back of the car. Aaron asked if I wanted one. Since I didn’t have much cash on me, I said I would just order one online when I got home. He generously handed one over to me and said just send him a check. (It is in the mail.)

I’m an older uncoordinated dog now who doesn’t easily learn new tricks. I first picked up a Shakespeare fiber glass fly rod when I was 16, but waited to take my first nymphing lesson from George Daniel fifty years later in September of 2009 and took another three day class again in September 2010. I signed up for the Trout Predator forum on July 14, 2009 because I thought it was one of the best web sites for all things trout related.

Having watched Aaron’s video late on Friday, it reinforced many of the lessons George had tried drilling into my thick skull, and I was able to correct many of the mistakes in casting and presentation that I had unlearned or forgotten already. I was able to go out on the first day of 2011 to the Benner section of Spring Creek, and after most of the other anglers left this area around noon saying how the fish had generally ignored them, I was able to put the lessons Aaron presented to good use and in less than an hour to land a 12 inch brown and a fat 14 inch rainbow. Great way to start the New Year….

What I’m trying to say in this long winded post, is that this is a great video no matter where you are in your life as a nymph fisherman. I know I’ll watch it many more times and go back to review certain sections to correct bad habits, recurring flaws and reinforce good behavior in pursuit of those magnificent creatures collectively called trout.

Thanks Aaron and Taylor for a job well done.”


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